I heard about the idea of a Now Page from Derek Sivers.   The purpose of this page is to tell you what I’m up to and focused on now. 

I just returned from 3 weeks in Australia meeting my first grandbaby Hayley and visiting my daughter and son-in-law. Right now I’m in radical self-care mode because a part of my heart is still across the pond. I’m not ready to dive into all the social media. I’ve been writing over the summer. All of it for me for now. Perhaps God will give me something for others soon.

Today I bought goat cheese and garlic and arugula, harvested basil, cucumbers, and tomatoes from the garden. I made pesto and hummus, poured myself a glass of merlot and fed my soul. I went for a long walk, took a nap, read a couple of chapters in Seeds of Contemplation by Merton, put a clay mask on my face and white strips on my teeth.  As I write I am watching Lestor Holt on the nightly news and wondering if it is possible for the world to get any crazier.

As I write this I am watching Lestor Holt on the 5:30 news and rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

Updated: 8/22/17