Things I’m up to and into now. 

Living in Parker, CO with my husband and youngest daughter.

Missing my son, a student at CSU in Ft. Collins, and my oldest daughter and son-in-law who live in Australia and work with YWAM and are expecting our first grandbaby in July! (IT’S A GIRL!)

Working as Marketing Director for a financial planner.

Volunteering as Teaching Director for Teen Community Bible Study.

Watching too much TV, eating too much processed food,  not exercising.

Decided to do something about that! I put the Fitbit back on and made some eating rules for myself – if nothing I am a rule follower. Feeling much better. Still, the TV though. Man in the High Castle, The Americans, and Survivor.

Loving Jesus, worshipping and digging into Scripture every day.

Trying to write every day with the goal of one blog post a week.

Thinking about reading more than reading.

Missing my naps.

Working on (w)holiness.

Listening to the wind howl and getting ready to eat tacos.

Updated: 4/8/17