Now What?

The tomb is empty. Now it gets real y’all. People are saying they’ve seen Jesus. Are they crazy? Liars? Crazy liars?

Those that were there and saw Jesus weren’t sure if it was him, so how are we to be certain?

We all have to decide for ourselves. And not deciding is deciding. And if we decide this isn’t fiction –  if the part of us that hasn’t become jaded believes in Jesus’ bodily resurrection then we can’t shrug it off and live like this isn’t THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. THING. EVER.

Yet we ‘believers’ get up every morning and put our pants on (hopefully – pants are good!) and we chase after comfort and power and security. We hop on the hamster wheel as if nothing miraculous is possible and fling ourselves from one thing to another, charging up on caffeine, powering down with gin, Netflixing on the couch because life is hard man.

Is the life we are living the one Jesus died for? Do you think he is looking over this thing and applauding? Was this God’s dream for the world?

I’m tired of saying I believe in the resurrection and not living like like I do. I want God to resurrect my hopes and  dreams, my body and relationships. I want him to empty the graves of unbelief and apathy and help me live life full of power – without striving and religion and all of the nonsense we call ‘christianity.’

I want to live a life worth dying for, something greater than a Sunday service, quiet time, and polite ladies bible study. Gah. Give me dragons to slay and prison escapes, bar fights for freedom and jousts for justice!

Give me a sword, Lord. Make me brave. 

One thought on “Now What?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cara. I have fallen in love here in Oklahoma! Completely fallen madly in love with the people of God at our church called Bible Church of Owasso. Godly men and women every day, as you say, putting on their pants and building their lives with simple steps of loving God and people, obedience, and humility in the words of AWTozer – what we need more of. This is a community of believers here that is living out the entire book of Ephesians coming together as one body unified in Jesus Christ and making the difference in lives of others. I so wish that you could be here with me and experience the great joy of the Lord! Paul David Tripp says in his wonderful book, Instruments in the Hands of the Redeemer, that we are broken pots helping other broken pots. What a thrill that you are coming alongside other believers and building them up in their faith and perseverance. Thankful too that we don’t need the alcohol or the TV!
    Fear the Lord & learn to number your days are aright. I am rejoicing here in the resurrection and hope you are too.Miss you greatly.

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