life is short y’all

still rattled about luke perry’s death.

life is short y’all.

there is no time for bull-shitty things

like counting carbs and eating sad kale.

let go of your offenses and small thinking.

dream again.

find your voice.

remember who you are.

eat the bread, drink the wine.

do what you’ve been resisting – it’s the most important thing

to do.

5 thoughts on “life is short y’all

  1. Interesting, I’m preaching on Deut 26:1-11 this week and this sounds like my sermon except it is much shorter and I don’t use the word bull-shitty. 🙂 Moses says remember how faithful God has been, be thankful, celebrate what you have and include others in your celebration! Love you and as always your writing.


    1. an actor – was 52, healthy, sudden stroke. happens every day – 140,000 a day by one estimate – not sure why this hit me so hard? maybe because i’m 2 years older or because God is saying: wake up! your days are numbered…


  2. Hey, Cara. Some time when you feel up for it, let’s catch up by phone and talk writing some. You are a poet in your bones.

    Trish 720 253-6175



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