Love Is The Answer

Instead of carrying signs, let’s carry each other’s burdens.
Let’s rally not to be heard, but to do the hard, painstaking work of restoration of All. The. Broken. Things.
Let’s lay down our rights instead of proving we are right.
Let’s stop pointing and start listening to actual voices – not caricatures and anecdotes and statistics and tweets. 
Let’s sit knee to knee and look into the eyes of our sisters and see their sorrows, see the rejection and pain that brought them, and us, to this place.
Let’s walk a mile, or maybe ten, in each other’s shoes before summing up difficult, impossible situations into clever slogans.
Let’s wrap our arms around the grieving, the lonely, the forgotten and the pissed off.
Let’s care more about understanding each other than defending our position, our race, our religion, our money, our comfort, our individualism, our politics, our country, our money, our comfort.
Yes I wrote that twice.
Instead of marching in separate rallies, let’s rally together to feed our hungry sisters and help them raise their babies and give them a soft place to land and a bowl of soup.
Let’s swing open our doors and invite each other to our couches and tables to sip tea and break bread and solve all of the world’s problems. Together. Because I know we can do it. And I think deep down you know we can too. But it takes time and sacrifice and 365 days of devotion, not a once a year event.
Let’s lay down our arms so we can hold each other up.
Let’s blow up the world with love.

3 thoughts on “Love Is The Answer

  1. I love this! And I love you! Especially this:

    Let’s lay down our rights instead of proving we are right.

    Working on this with my family this day, week, year, forever.

    But I disagree with one thing. I don’t think we can fix it. I still think we should do all said, all of it. But to draw people to the perfect eternal kingdom in love. Not to fix everything here. Because I think we can fix some things, and do things better. Love more, love better. It it’s only ever going to be perfect on the other side. In my opinion. 😊💖

    Love you my friend. Keep writing! You are amazing!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. thanks my friend. i believe that God’s mission is to bring his kingdom to earth – not to make all things right when we are all dead and in heaven. he wishes to reconcile all things to himself on earth and in heaven – col 1:19-20 and we are his change agents. so i don’t think we hold on and wait, we fight, we work for earth as it is in heaven.


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