Eat With The Wrong People

Imagine a world where no one eats alone.

A world where the lonely and aged, the weird and the scary always had a seat at the table. A world where we ate with our enemies and invited Judas to breakfast. Could we change the world with biscuits and gravy?

I keep thinking about the problem of evil in the world. I don’t find asking why it exists helpful, but I would like to know if there is anything that can be done about it. Christian tradition teaches evil will be with us until Christ returns and sets everything right. In the meantime, what can we do? What should we do?

I’d like to suggest we start by building bigger tables and practicing the lost art of hospitality. Let’s be intentional about inviting people who provoke the ire in us into our homes and into our lives. You won’t have to look farther than Facebook to find them. How about we stop raging about people’s opinions and instead say, hey friend who has insane views about okra, let’s go get a donut – my treat. 

If you can’t think of anyone in your circle who rubs you the wrong way, perhaps your circle is too small. If your friends all look like you, think like you, behave like you and believe in the same God you do, let me kindly suggest you find a few new friends.  The wrong kind of friends. Weirdos. Loners. Republicans. People who love cats.

Let’s do what Jesus did and eat with the wrong people. Let’s make sure, as far as it is possible, that no one sits alone and no one eats alone.






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