How To Save The World

You guys.
I figured out how to save the world.

We take care of everyone.
By everyone I mean everyone. 
By we I mean me, I mean you.
We decide in advance: No one gets left behind.
The man on the side of the road.
The people living in our house.
The people who make us nuts.
We make sure no one is left out.

The oppressed, imprisoned, widowed, orphaned.
The lonely, the grieving.
No one goes it alone, eats alone, lives alone.
No one grows old alone. No one is a jerk alone.
No one fixes a flat alone, or cries alone, or dies alone,
because we make sure of it. We make it our job, our primary calling, to make sure everyone gets a ride, a meal, hugs. Knuckles. High fives. Red carpets. Ovations.

We give everyone the bread, the wine. And soup. And blankets. And fuzzy socks.

No one carries their burdens alone or drinks coffee alone.
No one ever, ever sits in the pew alone. (This is the worst, really.) Mothers don’t carry babies alone. Or raise children alone. (Also terrible.)

Where The One goes, we go.
We open our eyes and look for The One and say, hey, I see you, friend. We give our new friends (or old enemies) food and clothes, whatever they need and we put all the nonprofits and government agencies out of business with our love and hands and wallets.

We can save the world. One at a time.

Let’s go.

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