Stirring Pots

I want to be a person who fights for the marginalized and ostracized, the tired and poor, those yearning to breathe free. I want to be an ally to the weird and forgotten, the difficult and the downtrodden. I want to advocate for the hurting and the heartbroken, the refugee, the immigrant and the disenfranchised.

I have been relatively silent about many issues facing our country, preferring to enjoy the peace that comes with not stirring pots. My heart wants to act justly and love mercy but not if it gets me voted off the island. It’s scary to expose yourself to the elements – much safer to hide in the bushes with your tribe. But we were created to be builders, not hoarders, creators, not creatures of comfort.

Apathy and passivity is complicity. I have benefited from a system that has oppressed others. Condemning the system is not enough, it must be dismantled. I will not be silent out of fear. I will not be silent out of fear. I will not be silent out of fear.

As I flesh out what activism looks like in my life, I will make mistakes. I will step on toes. I will apologize, and learn, and try to do better. I invite you to engage. Let’s not play it safe. Let’s not grow weary of doing good. Let’s practice civil discourse. Let’s show the world it can be done with out tearing each other down. Let’s remain hopeful in our fellow man, in our country, our friends and the wisdom and goodness of God.

When we disagree, let’s get together for soup. It’s impossible to be angry and eat soup.

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