Hearing God’s Voice

Some people say God speaks to them in an audible voice. I wonder if he sounds like Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones?  I haven’t had this experience, but I don’t doubt its legitimacy. God’s voice comes to me through thoughts or impressions in my mind that sound like my voice, but smarter. I discern who is speaking by the content. If I feel led to forgive someone, I figure it is God. If I’m prompted to eat a bag of peanut M & Ms and watch Real Housewives, probably not God.

But God created peanut M & Ms and the housewives and TV too, right? Sometimes guidance is not so clear.

I think there are seasons of certainty and connection to the mystery that is God and seasons of Huh? What? I’m definitely in the latter right now. I know Jesus is near, but I don’t feel guided. I’m unable to hear his voice above the cacophony of screens and memes and chaff of my plugged-in life.

So I’m going to disconnect for a bit and listen. I won’t be on the Internet, not checking email or texting, but if you want, we can talk on the phone. Novel! Better yet, we could get together in person and solve all of the world’s problems over wine or coffee. Or we could climb a mountain or bake a cake or we could just stare at the sky and listen.

Be good to each other. Play nice. See you on the other side.

4 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice

      1. Just realized auto correct spelled her last name wrong 😜

        Two things I have learned from this study so far is that we need to expect to hear from Him and leave time during our prayers to listen to Him. Keep our words few.


  1. HI Cara, I thought your last blog was interesting. I have found the book Praying with Paul by DA Carson very helpful. Doing it in the morning with Bible in hand and a regular consistency in prayer has really been a good way to start the day–although I don’t get it done every day as is my goal. God doesn’t want us to add more to our to-do list but as you have said so many times, wants intimacy with us and that does takes a lot of purposefulness !

    I am very leery of people who “hear God’s audible voice” and the whole word-faith movement etc. Romans 10:17 says that now the message is heard through the word of God. Although God could certainly use an audible voice to speak to humans.

    I am reading a wonderful church history book– best I’ve ever read. Way back in the year 155 there were mystic types all looking for something beyond God’s written word to fill them. Secret knowledge. Gnostics, etc. Recently two people have told me they have “spiritual advisers”. I am seeing this too, in different sources. It makes me wonder why the WORD of God held in our fragile, broken hands, carried through time, perfect….by the Holy Spirit isn’t enough. Just a thought. Hope I don’t sound as if I am condemning a “God hearer” but I saw a little of this in CBS even. Just a couple of people and it was more prominent in their church to say they heard the audible voice of God for the smallest things like raking their yards or needing to love a certain person (I think loving is already fully covered in the BIBLE). Hmmmmm We are commanded to walk in the Spirit….keep in step with the spirit, and yes, in same way he arouses us, wakens us, alerts us to all kinds of things. I am so thankful for that~

    Well, I love you Cara. Miss you so much. Have a great blog break.



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