More Cowbell

Hey loves –

Just wanted to drop you a note and say Woo Hoo! Good job! High five! Looking good! You’re almost there! And all that.

Sometimes it feels like life is uphill both ways, am I right?

You think you’re almost at the top, but you get there and realize that was a false summit and you’re still miles from nowhere. Or you’re winding around and around the velvet rope line in the hot sun and you finally make it inside the building and you think you’ll be able to hop on the ride but instead, the queue just goes on and on. Sigh.

We need our own little cheering section for times like this. A crowd who will hold up neon colored poster board filled with words of encouragement. People who will jump up and down and clap for us and enthusiastically ring the cowbell when we pass by. People who will lie to us and tell us we look good when we are limping along, ready to quit.

Friends, here is your little cheering section for the day, complete with cowbell and jumping up and down:

Did you get out of bed this morning? Woo Hoo! That is something! Good job!

Did you not kill anyone or otherwise act upon murderous thoughts? YAY! Keep going!!

Did you put on pants? Or did you stay inside if you didn’t?  Looking Good!

Can you find one thing to be grateful for? You go girl!

(If not, can you find some cake? It’s okay love, desperate times, desperate measures. We can worry about the pants later.)

Do you have at least one person in your life you can be real with? I mean real, real, not the false humility kind of real where you are all, “I’m a terrible person,” but real real like, “I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians without pants while eating cake on a Wednesday when I’m supposed to be working.”

You got a friend like that? MORE COWBELL.

Stay close to Jesus friends. He doesn’t care if you wear pants or what you watch on TV (mostly) he just wants you to be real real with him.

He’s standing on the side of the road cheering you on.

4 thoughts on “More Cowbell

  1. Hello my darling Cara–

    I miss you so much! People are very kind here and the Owasso culture is top notch but haven’t quite found my people yet—I’m not depressed or withdrawn and that is a kindness of the Lord. I have him and a small remnant of family left! But, boy, do I miss my sisters from Littleton.

    Love you sister in Christ. xoxooxoxoxoxooxo DeeDee


    1. darling i miss you too! we did the sleigh ride a few weeks back and thought of you the entire time. i will text you later, we must talk this week. xxoo


  2. Miss both of you and DeeDee, Paul sat next to us at LePeeps yesterday and was so very cordial to us and reintroduced himself but I knew who he was. So miss you and Cara, we do need to find some time. Yep, grateful everyday and still counting blessings! Paul was counted yesterday as one of them! Blessings, dear ones


    1. miss you too molly! i’m a working gal now so it’s hard to stay in touch with people! think of you and pray for you every time i see you on FB. xxoo


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