Prepare Him Room


I have a soul ache which can only be satisfied by God.

I want my spirit to rejoice in God, truly I do. But he seems small in comparison to the things that are jostling around in my heart. I woke up asking: How can my SOUL MAGNIFY THE LORD?  How can he be so magnified in my life that everything else grows dim?

If my SOUL is to MAGNIFY the LORD I must eliminate the things that are crowding him out – I need to prepare him room.

It’s ironic that the Christmas season seems determined to push Jesus out of my soul – so much clutter and busyness and noise – me trying to do 15 things in a day when I have time for 3. 

Consider this my confession, my mad ramblings, or perhaps an encouragement or admonishment if you are in the same boat as me. 



2 thoughts on “Prepare Him Room

  1. We did something different this year. Mia and I attended a class and did 4 hours of tedious clay crafting to make 25 tiny intricate ornaments that accompanied the “Jesse Tree” devotional book. It really made December precious. It did “dim” the material world for the month of December! Love ya-


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