Journey To Bethlehem

The journey to Bethlehem is difficult. A King awaits, but is a King what I want? I rather like being the boss of me, fashioner of my own destiny. After all, I AM WOMAN so don’t go putting me on a donkey y’all. Let me be me and  you do you and YOLO and all that. 


I don’t know, maybe some people are good at the boot-strap life, but my striving leaves me exhausted and curled up on the couch consoling myself with cookies or numbing and succumbing to accoutrements and amusements, which work for a while, but ultimately dull my soul. 


The manger holds The Key to freedom from this pretend life. The only way to get there is to surrender to the unknown road ahead on bended knee – not groveling, but in humility. More Him and less me. 

Merry Christmas friends. Grace and Peace to you and yours. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other…

(Painting by Fiona Lokot)

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