Note To Self

life is short man. you don’t have time for bullhorns and soapboxes. love what you love. bake the bread and eat it with butter. dive into your art, your craft, your holy work. love your people. cook them good food and snuggle and tell them how great they are and apologize and forgive. be real and brave. ask for what you need. ask for what you want. stop trying to whip yourself and others into shape. reckon with your darkness. approach life as if it is a painting to be appreciated rather than a puzzle to be figured out. make a mess for once. resist the urge to clean it up. say no. say it without apologizing. say yes to things that scare you. take a moment. breathe. set your intentions for the day then hold them loosely and don’t be afraid to say screw that and take a nap instead. listen to the sad songs. drink coffee with all the stuff in it. do not drink the koolaid. get off facebook. stop watching fox and cnn and watch THIS IS US. stay in your pjs longer than you should and forget showering once in a while, it’s why dry shampoo and deodorant were invented. get outside. walk, or run if you want to, but don’t run because you ate the bread, run to feel your lungs burn and your quads ache. embrace the sweat pants but go all out if you want with the black dress and the dangly earrings just for the hell of it. on a wednesday. pray. read. drink the wine. paint. write. love. laugh. wake up. be amazing. repeat.

8 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I love these posts. You are an inspiration and I’m so glad to know you and call you friend. Have a great day💕😊🍷

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  2. Sounds like you are growing in freedom and living unencumbered by the legalism that so many of us were conditioned to believe was ‘biblical Christianity’….(haha, that’s what I’m learning, anyways.) I wanna be holy because I wanna see God and He’s holy and it looks a lot different then I ever knew. So much more room for creativity, rest and joy then I ever allowed myself. The WORK has been done and we get to dance our lives in celebration and adventure.


  3. This is truly what life is all about! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of how to live out this life with all fullness. This is why God created us and how he designed us. We are the ones who make it too complicated. Love you, my friend!


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