It’s Sunday, March 29th, 8:55 am.

I just made chocolate chip scones. They are in the oven baking. I grated an entire stick of butter into them because these are the days of our lives. I’m able to capitalize and punctuate now, the shock of quarantine having worn off. I’m wearing this new normal much like my favorite yet smelly hoodie that hasn’t been washed since this all started last year Monday. Or was it Thursday? Are there days anymore?

A few observations, so far. 1. America, your meme game is on point. Keep going. 2. I thought one of the benefits of lockdown would be a lack of guilt for not going to the gym because they are closed, but all y’all are posting your at-home workouts on the interwebs and good for you but also? I’m blocking you. 3. I’m cussing a lot more. I don’t care. You should too. 4. I’m both hopeful and terrified about the future of our society based on how we are acting. 5. Finally, as we wrestle with the whys and hows and holy shits of all of this, I would like to kindly remind all of us that God is always for us and with us Amen.